Welcome to Taekwondo/ Aerobics Section of the Lagos Country Club Ikeja.

Brief Profile
Taekwondo Aerobics Section came into existence in the mid seventies; first as a Taekwondo Section where members and their children who were interested in this Asian Sports made popular by the influx of Chinese Films could learn and practice this type of game.
Like all new things, it started with a pioneering team led by now Senator Uche Chukwumerije. He was the first Chairman of this budding Section. No wonder his son became the first and only Nigerian Olympic medalist in this sport to date.
The main hall was their practicing gym. But with infrastructural development in the Club, the Section got a space to house the game and its practitioners.
However, in the nineties, as health fitness consciousness became popular, an aerobics group also emerged. It was then decided that for synergy, aerobics group should merge with the Taekwondo Section.
Of course this merger led to rapid development of the Section to a formidable height in the Club. It is one Section that has enhanced the family values of the Club. Here the entire family members have the chance to recreate in their kind of sporting activities. The father can enjoy both Taekwondo and Aerobics while the mother also can work-out in the gym and equally keep fit in the aerobics classes.
The children learn the art of self defense in the Taekwondo classes at weekends.
In the last ten years, the children have won laurels in various competitions; the best of which was that of the Olympic bronze medal won by Mr Chukwumereije junior.