The tennis section of the Lagos Country Club is the largest, busiest and by far the most developed section of the club. With a registered membership of well over 500, the section continues to receive an ever increasing proportion of new entrants into the club every year.
The tennis section occupies an area which accounts for well over a quarter of total land space of the club. It is an environment that is well planned and that has remained well groomed over the years to the delight of members and their visitors. It has two main buildings, a section building and an international standard tennis viewing pavilion which can comfortably sit 250 Tennis enthusiasts during any tournament.
The pride of the section is of course the playing courts. The section has six courts – two hard courts, four clay courts, and a standard practice court. The clay courts are the pride of the club. Not only are they the best clay courts in the whole country, they have over the years hosted some of the most celebrated national and international clay court tournaments played in Nigeria.
Some of these include 1. ATP Tournaments 2. Nigerian Open 3. Quadrangular games and 4. Friendlies This apart, the section has hosted some national tournaments and is ever a beehive of activities as members and visitors get engaged with several tournaments during the course of the year. From annual title sponsored tournaments to American tournament to impromptu and special occasions’ tournaments, the tennis section is busy all round the year. No wonder the tennis section is the fun place to be at the Lagos Country Club. In fact it is the heartbeat of the club.
Some of our notable tournaments include:
1. Joseph Ademuluyi Annual Tennis Tournament
2. IMPCO Annual Tournament
3. NEM Insurance Annual American Tournament
4. Mentor American Tournament
5. International Energy American Tournament
6. Mechanical Connect American Tournament
7. Rasky Gbinigie Ball Boys American Tournament
With all these tournaments and their regular playing time all round the year, is it any wonder members of the tennis section are the fittest members of the Lagos Country Club? Still it is not all play and no.
The section is indeed the fun place to be, a true embodiment of the family club concept of the Lagos Country Club. It is a place where members, their families and friends relax and unwind week in week out. It is where members are guaranteed good social outings all year round.
Apart from our Annual Dinner Dance, Family Night and Thank God its Friday gigs, no week passes without members celebrating special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries – for themselves and the loved ones in the section. This ensures that the section is the best place to be, a place with the right blend of fitness and fun. ..